Free downloadable Christmas gift tags!

For the first time in my live I made Christmas gift tags. We don’t give presents at Christmas, we give them at Sinterklaas. (5th december)

In the last illustration lesson (illustration studio Claudi & Valesca) the assignment was to make Christmas gift tags en make a PDF so you can give them away. I love that idea! So I hope you give presents at Christmas and I hope I can make you happy with these free tags.

You can download them here. And print them on 200 gr/m2 white paper. You only need a scissors or a cutting machine to cut them. And off course a fancy string to finish it off nicely.





Thanks to Valesca van Waveren who designed the template of the tags. I changed them a bit but is was so great to know what to do!

For the creative and curious, this is what I did. I started with little pieces of leftovers (from the moth stamp) to make nine little christmas tree stamps. I glued the stamps on cupboard, made prints. They needed a bit of something and I draw trees over the stamps with a marker.

I made four ‘analoge’ tags too, you can see them on my instagram account together with other interesting stuff.




You know me, I couldn’t stop. So I made a pattern in three colors with Photoshop. You can order them as fabric or paper at Motiflow.

motiflow patterns

Have a nice day!



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