Making the painting: Inspiration

In late May last year, almost a year ago, I started this painting. I was very inspired, it had been a while that I made a large painting.
I just started with color and structure, without a plan.
Moreover, I wanted to use orange because I never had done that before, I do not like orange.
The first setup.

Inspiration in progress.


Added collage and stamps.

Inspiration in progress.

Orange is really not for me. I added more red. With white I made a whole again and then I made a sketch of a girl with charcoal.

Inspiration in progress.

I added more detail and color to the girl and background. The dress with flowers was filled with a template, it has not changed any more.

Inspiration in progress.

The face was further elaborated. After she had been a while on the easel, she landed in a dark spot in my studio. What a horrible sight! She stares at me as a kind of zombie. How should I proceed? I was not happy.

Inspiration in progress.

Months later, I got more confident and I am no longer attached to certain parts of the painting. I can look at it with fresh eyes and decide that there must be another head on the shoulders. I cover the old head with paint and collage.

Inspiration in progress.

The background doesn’t fit the head and I painted it over with white. I decorated the hat with a floral pattern.

Inspiration in progress.

I alter some details of the face. It takes some time before I get inspiration for the background. The hat gets butterfly wings. There is not a speck of orange to be seen.

Inspiration in progress.

And the finish was again wonderful work! Love to work out all the details. I conclude that the painting: Inspiration is ready. Finally!

Inspiration in progress.

She is allowed to hang on the wall in the living room. I’m happy.

Inspiration finished.

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Watercolor, my first love.

Watercolor paint is my first love. My father painted with watercolor, mostly buildings and landscapes. I immersed myself in watercolor, did a course and found a great book with very good instructions. By a Dutch writer: J van Ingen, aquarelboek. You can still buy it. I always feel good when I work with watercolor! I still do. The colors are beautiful and I love the fluidity of the paint.

Here are a few examples of the exercises from the book.

watercolor of a book watercolor of a cloth

Afterwards I made these watercolors.

Carla Sonheim used watercolor for blob animals, this exercise can be found in the book: Drawing and painting imaginary animals. I can recommend this book wholeheartedly.
I made these in 2013, it was so much fun to do!

Good luck!

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My first painting

My first post is about my first painting. In 2000 I wanted to paint more seriously because I wanted to sell paintings. Haha. I sold some paintings, yes, I got some money. But it is not by far enough to cover all the costs I made. Never mind, I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot and I met very nice people along the way. And a lot of people liked my paintings. They said, they make me feel good, feel happy.

Okay, this is my first painting.

Painting of Harm and Pieterke (Acryl and collage on wood. 40 x 31 cm 15,6 x12,3 inch)

Harm and Pieterke (Acryl and collage on wood. 40 x 31 cm 15,6 x12,3 inch)

You see, I’m named after my grandparents, Harm and Pieterke. I loved them a lot. They would be surprised to find themselves on the internet.  They would not have any idea what the internet and blog post are. (In 2000 I myself couldn’t imagine what internet is.)

I used their wedding photo made in 1930.

wedding photo 1903

I cut the heads of out the photocopy I made from the photo and put them in a medallion. The medallion I got from them at their 45 wedding party. I wore it for years.


It is nice to see that I still work with faces, collage, structure en mixing colors.

Have a nice day!  Herma

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