Abstract painting

I’m not a big fan of making abstract paintings. So hard! Where to begin, when to stop? I love abstract paintings to look at, because you can see a lot of different things in them. Fantasies, real things or emotions.

What do you see in this abstract painting?

blog foto abstract

I found a way of making abstracts that is not so hard. Thanks to Carla Sonheim in the Year of the Spark and all my fellow sparkers. I make a random colored underground. Left over paper, paint, ink on stamps etc. With packing tape I pick up all the spilled paint on my studio table. When necessary I spill some more paint. Then I paste the tape over the underground in a random way. I choose a contrasting color and paint over the whole surface. With a cloth I wipe the paint that is on the tape away. You have to see my hands… more paint than flesh color. Well, I can wash my hands. I love to get dirty while I make art! I used a white marker to gave it some fresh details.

What do you see in this abstract painting? I love to hear from you!



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Today I was a little tired and stressed at the same time. I was walking the dog, although I didn’t want to. But looking at the the daisies in the grass in the sun, I feel better. Picking them to take them home makes me feel like a child again. In Dutch this charming flower is called madelief. Lief is sweet in English. I made some photos of them, hoping you enjoy them as much as I do.




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Experimenting with packing tape in The year of the spark

I follow this year the most wonderful class by Carla Sonheim and Lynn Wipple. The year of the spark. I loved all the lessons so far. But with the last one I struggled. Creating the fun tape was lovely to do, but I didn’t know how to make something nice with it. I’m not good in abstract work. I’m not happy with these.

packing tape 2

packing tape 1

packing tape 4

I discovered I had expectations towards my work and was disappointed. I posted them in the Facebook group because I always do. The moment I did that I feel more free and did some other work. And guess what, I like this one!

packing tape 3

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Photoshop fun!

I made this picture in February on a very beautiful and cold morning.

fog and frost

If you look for a long time at these leaves… some crazy things happen ….

misty fairy

I found a very creative artist on the internet. Tineke Meirink.She inspired me with her funny photo’s. I see the same creativity in her as in Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple. I follow their class: The year of the spark.

Have a nice time!

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