A creative day

No appointments and the whole day for myself! I had a very creative day and that makes me so happy!

I finished my Year of the spark lesson by Lynn Wipple about color value. I love the color I made  (a kind of greenish grey) and I also really like the raw brush strikes with the acrylic against the soft diluted acrylic paint.

value paintings

I made a journal page about my backache, inspired by the book Art jounaling by Marieke Blokland.


And I did some experimenting. I used my new stencil with keys on old book pages. Yes, I like that. I covered two little canvasses with wall filler. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I printed a photo for a new project. (Sorry not a clue what kind of project…) But it makes me happy.


And I did a page one liners of faces, on other project, just for fun. So I had a good day, hope you have a good day to!

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A friendly dog

After all the cats that I drawn and painted, there was sudden a spontaneous dog from two collage papers. I’m not so good in cats at this moment, so I’m happy with this friendly dog.

He looks a bit like our dog….


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Mixing colors and cats

Even though I had intended to follow one course a time I do two classes. I follow the year class of the Spark by Carla Sonheim and Lynn Wipple. This weeks lesson is about making colors. I chose six different pieces of colored paper and glue them into my journal. I tried to make the same colors and that was not very difficult, although the colors dry darker and now they do not seem so good. But that is okay.

I started this week a little course Cats by Carla. I couldn’t resist it because the last lesson is about making a little cushion. I tell you more about that later. I combined the color making collage blobs (how can you name them?) with making cats! If you like cats and I do, you should do this little fun course!


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memory finished

I started Memory at 15 March this year at a Art-festival ( KUUB) in Alkmaar. I wrote about the festival on my Dutch blog.

I just collaged some paper on the canvas, painted some colors acrylic over the collage and draw a face on it. The face I covered with diluted gesso, several times in order to make the surface smooth. I drew the face and painted the hair. And I finished the painting this week, inspired by someone who said he liked the painting as it was. (stage 3)

I like to show you several stages in the painting process. The painting is on 3D canvas (30cm x30cm).

phase 1 memories

phase 2 memories

phase 3 memories

memory finished

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