What about Frida Kahlo and Picasso?

What on earth connects Frida Kahlo and Picasso. Sorry, it is very simple. I made from both great artist a ‘the other site of’ drawing like from Monet. I read a lot about them and watch documentaries and films about them. And I find them both very beautiful and very strong. It would be so interesting to write a story about a fictive meeting between Frida and Picasso! All three artists inspire me.

I posted my drawings of Monet in the Facebook group of The year of the Spark and people are inspired to make there own ‘the other site of’ drawings. So they inspired me to make these two. Maybe I will make more.

What do you think?


Frida kahlo

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The other site of Monet

This summer I visited Monet’s garden and house in Giverny. A beautiful place! Look at his living room with all the paintings on the wall.

Monet's house

It was wonderful to read about how hard he worked and finely received recognition. I bought a postcard with his photo.

And today I played with his photo just for fun. Hope he forgive me.

Monet's other site 1 MOnet in half072

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The Creative Licence by Danny Gregory

During my very relaxing holiday in France I read in the book: The Creative Licence by Danny Gregory. It is a brilliant book for me! I always thought about myself as a painter and not as as a drawer.

It was a great discovery that I really like to draw. Now I draw every day! With great pleasure! I draw in my journal. You see the first drawings I made as a exercise from the book. I used a waterproof black stylus. You can´t erase it. So you can see all the mistakes but they are charming! Danny Gregory is a master to let you rely on your own skills.


tartines de pain

And then I really surprised myself with the next drawings. In the French Kitchen:

The french kitchen

And the old pig barn:


Never thought that I had the patience for such drawings! I found it very relaxing. It is all about concentration and having a good time. I used watercolor and collage to make the drawings more attractive. The painter is still there. More about drawing later!


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