Tea and bonbons

One of my favorite combinations in the afternoon. I bought very good bonbons to treat myself. And I made an agreement to draw them before eating them. It was hard but I did it. I drew them with a marker. When they are eaten I have to remember how the look. That was fun!


Today I played with teabags and masking tape. I was inspired by Pinterest pictures to stamp on teabags and to make my own washi tape. It was really fun to make my own tape! You can find how I made it in the tutorial.

You see stamped and written tea bags taped with the self made washi tape.



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More Minimie

Exactly a month ago Minimie had a blue Monday. She was not happy at all. But I can’t remember why. Even when I try to read the writing. Which is very difficult and I did that on purpose.
minimie bleu monday

Today Minimie is very happy! I found a gorgeous decayed  leaf. I really like the autumn!     I´m making the house more comfortable and I like to cook and bake more than in the summer. It is raining outside but I don´t mind.

minimie autumn

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Aperture and Focus

I always use the automatic button with my digital camera because I was very confused about all the possibilities from the digital camera. With the analog camera I knew how to use aperture, shutter speed and focus. I felt a little restricted in using the camera with automatic settings, though my camera produces excellent photos. I wanted to know how to get more out of my camera! So now I follow a course by Steve Sonheim to learn how to use the camera with manual settings.

And of course it is the same as I used to do with my analog camera. I didn’t realize that before. Feel a bit stupid now.

For the second assignment I made these photo’s in my garden with a small aperture to get a small depth of focus. This is what I wanted to achieve because I love this kind of photo’s.

blad 2015 09 22_2093_bewerkt-1 2015 09 22_2095_bewerkt-1

I edited them in Photoshop with Radlab. I’m not sure if that was a good idea. Which series do you like best?

blad bewerkt 2015 09 22_2093_bewerkt-1-kopiëren 2015 09 22_2095_bewerkt-1-kopiëren

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Monet’s house 2

Two more rooms ready! It is more work than I thought.

Room two is inspired by the roots of his talent. The beginning of exploring his creativity. The postcard on both walls and stamps represent the correspondence between him and Alice when he was painting in other parts of France. They missed each other very much.

roots room

The third room is inspired by the flowers in the garden from Monet. You see this edited photo in the background.


And in the frame you see the eyes of a young Monet. His paintings started in his eyes.

2015 09 22_2072_bewerkt-1

Two rooms together.

Two rooms


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Finish this artwork: Maak dit kunstwerk af, September

The kunstuitleen (art library?) in Alkmaar has a great project! Finish this artwork. I printed this artwork for September.

Maak dit kunstwerk af september

I had plans but this painting has a difficult starting point. So I took a black marker and just started. Didn’t think to much. It was not like what I had in mind, but I like the result. I had fun with it.

september 2015087

For me it means everybody is one. The living, the deceased and the not born yet. I just read a book that says it is the first universal law. Everything is one. How beautiful is that!

You can submit your work, but I think my work is to simple to do that. The submitted work is exposed in the Kunstuitleen. I’m a coward and I will first go there to watch what others did. I really like this project! Maybe I will submit my work one day…

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Monet’s house

A brand new project! I really love little projects! I found two houses in a very common Dutch Shop. (Blokker for the Dutch readers) Couldn’t resist them…


Because I was in Giverny visiting Monet’s house I wanted to make a house inspired by Monet. And I have plans for the second house but that is for later.

The house need a background which I made from a old piece of wood from my attic. Keeping old stuff sometimes pays out.

house with back

I went to my favorite second hand shop and bought some stuff. As if I didn’t have enough already.


And I started with the first room while making plans for the other rooms.

Starting the Monet's house

And now the first room is ready! Inspired by Alice. Monet’s second wife. He was away a lot so she had to take care for the kids, the house and the bills. In the beginning there wasn’t much money. Alice was very important in Monet’s life. (Sorry it is not a photo from Alice. I couldn’t find a nice one.)

first room

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More Minimie

I really love Minimie! I tried some different ways of drawing her. I have a special A4 journal for the year of the Spark. I collaged her in that journal. There is not much more to say about..

.minimie in spark journal mini me in journal 2018

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