A creative flow

I’m in a creative flow.

I made three papers for collage. (It was for a lesson by Lynn Wipple in the Year of the Spark)

collage paper 1 collage paper 2 collage paper 3 cats 1 cats 2






I made two cats with the paper.

But the ink came through the journal paper. So I made two reverse cats on the other side.


In a SkillShare lesson I learned to make paper prints. It should be on fabric, but I don’t have fabric paint. So I tried it on paper.

bird paper print



It is a very interesting technique. I have to practice it more. You can see the paper and the prints.





And than I used the collage paper for six little chicken paintings. You can see the

‘making of’ :

chicken 1 chicken 2 chicken 3

I had fun, it feels so good to be creative!

Have a nice day!






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Minimie wants to sing!

Minimie really wants to sing like an angel! But she can not sing. So she sings in her dreams.

Minimie wants to sing

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Minimie has serious thoughts

Minimie is awake and doesn’t feel well. She wants answers….

minimie 1

Minimie doesn’t like yellow.


Minimie wants a better world.




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Year of the Spark collage

The last lesson by Carla Sonheim of the Year of the Spark was difficult and fun at the same time.

I made copies from some of my paintings I made this year. And than I made one collage of it. It is fun because I can see all the different things I made and learned. It was hard because it was a lot of work. And I’m not so happy with the result.

But every lesson I made this year was very inspiring!


The collage on wood


A layer of gesso


Distressing the collage with sandpaper and adding details and an other layers of gesso


Adding pencils and watercolor (I was not happy with the difference between the collage and the background)


That is why I removed some watercolor and ad more details

You see Minimie who was “born” in the lessons of the Year of the Spark. She is my alter ego. (7 years old) She is drawing a whole world around her. Earth, sky, plants, animals and humans.

That is what I wanted to do at seven. But I didn’t have the skills then. I’m so happy I have the courage and some skills to make drawings and paintings now! (many years later…) Wow, I realize now that I finally do what I wanted to do when I was young… Creating. So I also realize this is a great painting after all.

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I went to Amsterdam on Thursday. I was born in Amsterdam, lived there a couple of years and later I did my study there. Now my kids live there. It is a beautiful city.

I made these photo’s on the Keizersgracht. Wonderful to walk there and looking at all the details. I love Amsterdam.


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Monet’s house is finished!

The house is finished. Finally!

The attic is for the master himself. He got his painting room and the little house is because he achieved to have a beautiful house in the end of is life after years of struggle with accommodation.

He is in a sort of leather armor because he limited himself in his last years in painting. And it is open because it gave him a sort of liberation to stay at home and make beautiful flower paintings. He is most famous for the water lily paintings he painted the last years in his garden. I was there this summer and it is a stunning garden!
the attic

The finished house! I’m very pleased with the outcome.

the house

The last finishing touch was the hardest one. The perspex. Now it is safe.

with the perspex

Here you can see the real house and garden of Monet in Giverny this summer.

house monet

garden Monet


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I always wanted to know how to make a pattern. I thought it was magical how people can blend all the images into a continuous pattern! And now I know how to do it. I did a course on skillshare. A lovely site where you can learn creative skills. I followed a class by Elisabeth Olwen.

Because I don’t work on Illustrator but on CorelDraw I couldn’t do every trick. Nevertheless I learned a lot!

I made a mood board and a name for my pattern, feeling home:

mood board Feeling home

I made doodles with the mood board as inspiration. I traced it on the computer to create a digital version.


I added color and interest and made the pattern.

feeling home patroon centrum

I used this to make a repeating pattern after changing colors and playing with the items.

def. patroon feeling home

Way to busy! But may be it is great fabric for a little boy’s pajamas.

I designed two matching patterns.

matching pattern 1

matching pattern 2

How as curtains in the little boy’s room?






How as wallpaper in the room of the little boy?




I like the last one the best. So I learned not to put to much items in the pattern!

Which one do you like the best?

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