Creative process 2

Again an insight in a creative process. This is a drawing assignment for the first lesson in Y is for Yellow. After I did the drawings there was room to take it further.

I took a photo of this internet page which I can use as a reference. Thank you Mark Schuurman who made this photo. I love coots because of their funny legs and feet. A bit out of proportion. And I find the black and white very attractive.


I made left handed drawing, a eyes closed drawing and a smudgy drawing with watercolor.

meerkoet links

left handed drawing

meerkoet blind

Eyes closed drawing

meerkoet smudgy

Smudgy drawing

I want to take the smudgy to make a more serious painting. It became more serious not the looseness of the drawings. I discovered that while I was writing this post. It is always tricky when I have expectations about what I’m making. I’m a bit disappointed.

meerkoet tekensessie 4044

Very much inspired by Claudi Kessels (an other student in the group, she combined photo’s and drawings on such a lovely way!) I wanted to try how I can combine my coot with a photo. I found a very appropriate photo. No humor or surprises here, but I like the result!
meerkoet in landschap

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Creative process

This year I participate in Y is for Yellow by Carla Sonheim. The most inspirational teacher I know. I want to show you the creative process of photo to illustration.

For the lesson we made left handed drawings and blind drawings from animals. I used a picture of a cow I made years ago. I watched her and draw her back a few times.

boerderij dieren, koe

Then I draw her with my non- dominant hand and after that with my eyes closed. (All instructions by Carla) This is the blind drawing.

koe, blind

I really liked the form of this cow. The neck does not close properly, but you can imagine that the line is a leg.

So I cut this form out a paper which I used under a project for rusting. Left over paper.

I made a journal page which I posted in the the Facebook group.

teken sessie II koe033

Someone in the group suggested to let Minimie ride on the cow and this is the result. I printed the cow on a paper I found. There were all ready ink splashes on it. 

It was a short experiment, she is definitely not a cowgirl!

It was a short experiment, she is definitely not a cowgirl!

It is such a good feeling being in the flow and feeling that everything around you helps you to make something beautiful.

met hoed041


Today (17-1-16) I discovered that she need a cowgirls hat.

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Owl from stone

I guess that you know Pinterest. I really like it, but for me it is also a bit overwhelming. To many great ideas. Of course I have a my own page on Pinterest.

Yesterday I found cute little owls made of stones on Pinterest. (Made by Caroline Johansson) . Inspired by the owls, I made a little one myself. I thought he deserved a photo!

I’m a collector, so I had a perfect piece of wood (= tree) for my owl.

I’m also a keeper, so I had several gelli printed papers for the background. At the time I usually go to bed I sat on my studio floor and tried a lot of different pose’s.

This morning (I had to wait for the light) I took lots of pictures. (So just looking on Pinterest can be dangerous for me, specially when I don’t have time to finish a whole project. I always have  to much projects going on and starting a new one isn’t a very good idea.)

You can see the only three photo’s I like. I can’t choose one. Is there one you like the most?

P1130227_bewerkt-1kopie P1130228_bewerkt-1 'stone' owl



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