Back to the girls!

I love all the lessons I follow! But…I also miss painting girls faces. I love faces!

So tonight I did a quick painting in my journal. It was a happy creative hour in my studio. Just doing what I want. I feel a cautious start of a technique to make faces in my own way. I used self made collage paper for her shirt, how cool is that!

bloemen patroon met bruine achtergrond

journal girl feb. 2016



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For the love of a tree

For the love of a tree is the name of of a wonderful painting course by Diana Culhane broadcast by Carla Sonheim.

We did line and form exercises. And we made three tree panels. You can see the two little ones. I photographed the first layer (the second) and the last.

eerste kleien paneel

kleine paneel 2, 3 fases

And the big painting! I love to see how a painting is “build”. I hope you like it too!

P1130300_bewerkt-1 P1130301_bewerkt-1 P1130346 P1130348 P1130351_bewerkt-1



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Three little girls (the making of)

The making of these paintings was based on the same technique as in: Year of the spark collage.


I started with photo’s and collage papers. Playing with the dresses etc.





P1130282_bewerkt-1I gave them some attributes and I added a thin layer of gesso.






P1130283_bewerkt-1I added color and details.







I wasn’t happy with the faces so I made them white. It was a scary thing to do. I had to talk to myself: “It is just a layer”. (Lynn Wipple learned me that)




P1130289-1_bewerkt-1I made new faces, shaped the figures a little bit and added more color and details.





And finally I added more background and again more details. There is text on all three: there’ll be sunny day’s, there’ll be rainy days and they’ll be passing (whit out you). The text is by Jacqueline Govaert ( a Dutch singer, songwriter).

It was a fun process! (collage and mixed media on wood 40 x 20 cm)


there’ll be sunny day’s


there’ll be rainy days


they’ll be passing

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A very happy creative Sunday afternoon

I mail with Eva from Düsseldorf in Germany. We send each other collage paper and little artworks. Such a delight to receive this mail. But it is also wonderful and exciting to make mail for her.

I received this envelope with content last week. You can see Eva’s beautiful work! (how lucky am I!) There where also a lot of collage papers in the envelope.


I used them to make these book lady’s. So much fun to find phrases in the text. They are in Dutch and I can’t translate them because they are nonsense. I hope you enjoy these weird lady’s. Thanks to Eva for the beautiful collage paper!

PS I don’t know but weird and sad makes me happy.


Boek dame001 Boek dame002 Boek dame003 Boek dame004 Boek dame005 Boek dame006 Boek dame007 Boek dame008 Boek dame009

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