Inspiration box and focus

It is all about focus when you want to make a series. I learned that from Carla Sonheim. And about discipline. I experienced that this week.

Focus on some parameters to work with. Working with the same parameters on every drawing or painting will glue them together. So you create a series.

Pretty simple….

But so opposite of what I did the last years.

When I started painting I made series of four or five paintings! But the last years I followed a lot of lessons and I went everywhere with my creativity. Fun to do, but I lost focus. You can see that in my posts. They are about a lot of different things. I’m not sure why I lost my focus on series. Probably because I focus on learning new things. There is not much time left for making series or a body of work.

Time to get my focus back! (That is why I signed up for this year course (Y is for Yellow by Carla Sonheim)

So I ‘invented’ the inspiration box! I ‘m sure more people invented something like this but I like to think about it as my idea.








I wrote all the materials and subjects I like on small papers, folded them and put them in a box. For example I wrote words like acrylic paint, tracing paper, thick brush and girls head.



This is how it works: I get three papers out the box. These are the parameters I use to make a lot of drawings or paintings. I allow myself to use two or three materials with the three from the paper. When you want to do this yourself, don’t forget to make a list of what you wrote down on the little papers! So you can check which words are in the box.




This four owls are the first results. I had the words owl, sandpaper and a dip pen on my small papers. And I choose to combine it with gesso and watercolor.

It is a small series and it gave me focus on what to make. (I forgot how I love the results of ink on wet paper! (the second owl)

But… I didn’t have the discipline to go on with it. I guess I would discover more fun techniques or ideas if I did and make ten ore more. I have to work on discipline!

4 owls

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At the beach!

A wonderful spring day today!

I photographed these seagulls at the beach in Bergen aan Zee.


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Too busy to post…

I’m working, or better, playing every day in my studio. Playing with several projects. And when I’m not playing I’m clean up the studio. Throwing lots of old stuff away! Making room for new creativity!

I show you some:


minimie F008

Minimie is making a F

minimie is looking for focus!005

Minimie is looking for focus!










Cats (not my favorites..)

kat bruin002 kat gevlekt004 kat groen003 kat rood001
















Two lady’s in a journal made in an old book. They are based on a piece of brown collage paper.

in journal 010 in journal 011









And a little owl.

op papier012









It is a bit of everything. I hope to concentrate on a series the next weeks.

I let you now!

Liefs Herma



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Minimie says hello!

We had so much fun on the computer!

How do you do it? You can find it here.

Veel liefs Herma


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Making new patterns

I really like the lessons on Skillshare. I did an other lesson in pattern making, this time by Shelley Seguinot. She works with Illustrator. I have Photoshop Elements and CorelDraw for home and students (much simpler programs), so I have to translate her actions to my limited possibility’s. I come a long way.

First I doodled some simple figures. Scanned them and traced them in CorelDraw.

doodles voor simpele patronen opgeschoond

Then I choose a color palette from pinterest. That was new for me. I choose this one.

kleuren palette

I picked up the colors in Coreldraw and I used them to color my doodles.




This is the pattern I made. Isn’t that a feel good pattern?
donker kippen patroon

Then I did the same with a beautiful picture I copied from Flickr. He is made by Harry Yang. I love his photo’s! And I love making a palette from a beautiful photo! Just pick up colors in a drawing program and choose the ones you like the most. You can use all sorts of photo’s. Specially magazines have mostly nice color palettes


I made a little bit different pattern. More open this time. The colors make it more sweet, more girlish.

roze kippen patroon

I used the pattern to make cards. Veel liefs means lots of love.

I really enjoyed working on this project!

Veel liefs for you!P1130390_bewerkt-1

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