Surprise…I’m teaching!

I surprised myself. A couple of months ago I decided that I want to concentrate on painting and illustrating.  For years I wanted to teach but I realized that I didn’t do anything to teach. Only in my head. So no teaching….

I’m a member of Skillshare and I really like this creative community. You can always find a nice lesson and I learned a lot. I made my logo in a lesson.

A few weeks ago there was an email from Skilshare. They liked my projects and asked me to join a teachers challenge in may. I had to publish a lesson before June 1. I was exited and anxious at the same time. I talked it over with friends and family. And I again decided not to do it. (Not the right time)

But they send a mail with an invitation to follow the lessons and then with other deadlines. Every time I got exited and before I knew I was following the class. First just for fun but in the end I really did make a lesson! And after one day I already have 17 students!

Crazy world the internet. I never met them but they are following my class. (I do hope so…)

Is this an example of let go something before it comes to you?

titel pagina les 2

If you are a member of Skillshare you can follow my lesson here.

If you are interested in becoming a member I can offer you a membership for three months for $0,99. You can become a member with this link.
Normal membership is $9,99 a month.
ATTENTION: You have to sign out your self! But may be you like it as much as I. 🙂

gezicht 1129 gezicht 2128

In the lesson I show you how to draw and paint your own character. I made these two faces. You draw with a marker, paint with watercolor and make interesting hair with gesso.

I would love to see you there!

Liefs Herma


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