Watercolor project

Thanks to the Skillshare lesson I finished this project. It was so much fun to make this background! I used several colors watercolor and salt and bleach.

It should have been a galaxy illustration, but I didn’t feel much for space stuff. So I added text on the background with Posca markers.

I loved watercolor for a long time and this makes me very happy!

B t o h s b afgesneden


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From watercolor explorations to an owl.

Inspired by a Skillshare lesson I did experiments with watercolor. Tried to mix it with ink, markers and paint. I did more but you can see how it works.

oefeningen technieken1I really liked some of the results and I scanned them to save them on my computer for later use. I didn’t have to wait that long because I soon had an idea to make an owl.

I changed colors en size en puzzledowl 1 them together to make an owl.







And later an other one. As most of the time I like the first one the best.

owl 2








Veel liefs Herma

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Illustration lessons

Tuesday I was in Amsterdam for a great day in the Atelier Oosterbosch.

Claudi Kessels and Valesca van Waveren taught us how to make a map. Amsterdam was our inspiration. I walked from the station to the atelier and had plenty time. So I photographed a lot of details. (I love details)

inspiratie foto's

I used them for little drawings.


So the subject of my map is my walk form Central station to the Atelier. I chose to make a little book.

I learned how to do some very useful tricks in PhotoShop. And I combined a map that Claudi made with the street I made with collage.

the road map Amsterdam

At home I changed the color of the street and ad a stone structure. And I added the little detail drawings along the street. Now it looks like this:

print of the book

I cheated, the route does not appear on the actual road. I folded a booklet and the walk look like this. It is more like a sort of diary than a map or may be a mapped memory shout be the right word.

the walk

You can browse through the booklet:

Veel liefs! Herma

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Simple thoughts about art 2

First thing. I was not selected by the jury for the art competition. If you like nudes it is interesting to watch all the submissions. Beautiful work!

Second thing. About art I thought there are three components (simple thoughts!). But I discovered there are more. You also have to deal with the place and time you are living in. Van Gogh is a great painter in these days but he wasn’t loved when he lived. You have to deal with fashion and taste.

For being recognized in what you are doing you are also depending on the community you are living in and the people you know. I love the scene in the movie Intouchables where the main character (Philippe) is selling the first painting of his caregiver (Driss) for a lot of money as if it is a painting from a great artist.

This are just thoughts I don’t know where it is going…

In the meanwhile I’m makings things I like. I used a blob lady from my last post for a collage in a journal (made of an old book).

blob dame

Liefs Herma


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