Painting on a magazine photo

I did the magazine makeover tutorial by Robin laws. She works with oil pastels and turpenoid , I thought I would like to learn that. But I don’t have patience for that. It took long to dry and the technique is different than water soluble materials. But nevertheless I learned new things.

Experimenting on the computer before drawing on the paper. I really liked that. This is the original photo.

originele foto

I tried three different things in CorelDraw.

experiment 1
experiment 2
experiment 3

I liked the last one the most. So I started painting on the print I made. In real the colors are warmer and better.  I don’t like the outcome. The digital example looks much nicer. I have to experiment to find my own way of painting on a photo. And I discovered that I find it less exiting if I already know what to make. I thought it was fun to show!
tijdschrift foto af056








Liefs Herma


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Studio inside and outside

Look what I did to my studio windows!

P1130865 P1130866 P1130867

I let the outside world know that my studio space is here… It feels different now this text is on my windows. And it is not that so many people can see it because I live in a very small and dead end street. It was difficult to photograph both windows so for the few people in the street it must be hard to see. But is feels more serious. And for me that is a good thing.

Inside my studio it feels different too, because I have more privacy. I’m working on a new series. The book Least wanted by Steidl Kasher is such a great inspiration! I’m working on my 11th A4 drawing. You can see more on Flickr.








I made two large canvases. (50 x 50 cm.) Every time I draw one of these people I’m happy. They all feel special. I think I like the pictures so much because these (police) photo’s are taking at a vulnerable moment in the live of these people.

P1130849_bewerkt-1 LW doek 2 kopieI have to admit that I work on a lot of other things. A big painting, an assemblage and several journals. And of course Minimie. But I like to keep the chaos of my studio out my blog today.

Have a nice day and liefs Herma

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