Simple thoughts about art 2

I visited museum de Fundatie in Zwolle. Very special on the outside and also on the inside.

IMG_1032To create more space they build a kind of egg on the top of an old building. I love it!







This is the view from the inside to the outside. Also very beautiful!






But that is not where I want to talk about. There was an exhibition by Rob Scholte. He collected old embroidery, bought that for next to nothing and put a frame around it with the back side on the front and put his name on it. Now he sold it for a lot of money (I heard). And the museum showed it to us…


IMG_1027All the embroidery was nicely sorted by subject. That look very interesting because of the similarities and the differences.






But when I walked there I constantly thought I’m fooled. This can not be serious. Is that what people thought when they saw expressionisme for the first time? Or the urinal by Marcel Duchamp? Is it brilliant art? Is it a new trend? I really don’t know. I’m confused.

For now I think it is ridiculous. I’m sorry Rob Scholte…I’m sorry de Fundatie.

I’m curious about your thoughts on this!

Liefs Herma

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