Illustrating poems

I have so much fun with illustrating poems. It is a lot easier than illustrating a story because you don’t have to make different drawings with the same characters. You can concentrate on one illustration.

It started with the haiku’s of my son. I illustrated 26 haiku’s. Of course all these illustrations have the same style. I hope it will be a little book one day. You can see two examples here.


I bought a book this summer: één gedicht is nooit genoeg. (one poem is not enough) It is a book made by plint (poezie en beeldende kunst). I read so now and then some poems and I enjoy the illustrations a lot! That inspired me to take another book out of the bookcase. Verzamelde liedjes van gedichten van Willem Wilmink. He was a Dutch poet. I really like his poems. Simple and moving.


I took random a poem: Boterhammen smeren (= making sandwiches) and I illustrated it. Real fun. Did it in one morning. Finding the right font was the most difficult part.

boterhammen smeren

And I did it again, same procedure but it took some more time. This poem is called twee vriendinnen (= two friends).

gedicht twee vriendinnen met tekst

I’m sorry for the English readers, I can’t translate the poems. But I hope you enjoy the illustrations.

Have fun,

Liefs Herma

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