Illustration lessons

I follow an illustration course by Claudi Kessels and Valesca van Waveren in Amsterdam.
The first assignment was to create a notebook cover and an etui or more school stuff. With a ‘back to school’ theme.
In the lesson I drew a schoolteacher and pencils.
I presented it like this. I made the teacher sweeter for the kids. Added two etuis and stickers and a pencil. So much fun to do!
The second illustration assignment was to make an illustration for 4 year old kids to learn them about moths. 
I learned I don’t like making realistic drawings. Well I already know that…
But I started with this illustration, I’m at school, the teacher says so …
At a given moment I realize that I didn’t hurt anybody if I stop. So I did.
A relief! This is the unfinished illustration.
moth illustration
At the lesson inAmsterdam I learned I could make two nice illustrations out this one with not a great effort so I did make them to complete the assignment.
mothsmoths 2
That feels much better.
I also made a moth stamp just for fun.
moth stamp
And of course I had to made a pattern of it.
moth pattern
You can order it on motiflow.
At last I learned How to make a mock up.
mock up
It looks like this is an existing mug. Actually it is a virtual mug I made with photoshop. You can see how it looks when you print a moth on a mug. I like it!
Now I’m ready for the third assignment!
Liefs Herma

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Illustrations created today

It was a good day, this sunday, I made a lot of illustrations.

halloween treeA halloween illustration and









a fairy illustration both based on trees I made in the Y is for yellow class by Carla Sonheim.





An illustration made for the Heel Holland Bakt challenge.





A flower for someone who has a difficult time.






6-oktober-hidden 5-oktober-sad 4-oktober-hungry 7-oktober-lost


And I made these 4 illustrations for inktober in advance.












And I still have things to do…

Have a great week! Liefs Herma






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