Experimental mess

I had an idea, inspired by an photo in a magazine. These beautiful vases are designed by Thomas van der Sman en Adrianus Kundert. I want to make a pattern like that for Motiflow.com.

But I didn’t know how to do it. So I tried. I made bubble blower of a very good quality. And mixed it with black ink. It was very hard. Everything turned black, especially my hands and nails…I really made a mess. But I also laughed a lot about my clumsiness.

I managed to make some prints.

I scanned and edited them.

This is my first pattern, I don’t like it at all.

So I tried something different (a technical drawing of the pattern on the computer) and I like this a bit better but it is totally different than the original inspiration. I’m not sure if this was a great experiment…

Enough for today. Great admiration for the designers of the beautiful vases!

Liefs Herma



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‘Tomorrow will be a perfect day’

‘Tomorrow will be a perfect day’ is the title of my last painting. I stopped taking online lessons to have time to finish all the projects I have in my studio and in my mind…

This is one project. To overpaint all the ‘not so good paintings’  from the past.

I started with this one.


Hard to see anything from the old painting. But the structure is definitely visible. I call it ‘always in my heart’. It is 50×50 cm and on canvas.

And here you can see the transformation of the little dog to ‘Tomorrow will be a perfect day’.

I collaged and painted over the old painting. First sketch of the face.







Here you can see the moon that is clearly visible in both paintings. This one is on wood and 40×40 cm.

Have a nice day!

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