Makeover website studio

This week I worked hard on this website to make it ‘up to date’.

I changed the black outlook into white and I made some other changes. I really hope you like it.

I made a funny GIF file and decided not to place it but I must show it to you:

Thank you for being here and to celebrate the makeover I made a new free downloadable gift tag.

Liefs Herma

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A painting with a past life

A not so good painting from the past got a makeover. I painted these chickens years ago. Obvious not a painting to preserve.

I collaged and painted over it to make a new start and I tried to make a colored ‘least wanted’ portrait but it was a very bad try. (I showed some ‘least wanted’ portraits in this post but I noticed I didn’t make a post about them. So I will in the near future…)

This week I over painted it with a girl inspired by Amadeo Modigliani. A relief…

I wanted to show the ‘making of’ but I forgot to photograph all the changes but nevertheless I can show you three steps.

Have a nice weekend! Herma

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Mythical creatures

In my last post I show you the mess I made with ink and bubble blower. And in a december post last year I told you about the book Once upon a paper by Andrea D’Aquino.

Today they meet in mythical creatures. They have a message for you and me.


Slow down







I hear you








It is your time!







Have a nice day!


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