From illustration to pattern to products.

I always like to make something useful. So combining illustrations and products is like a dream for me. I did a Skillshare lesson to learn to use a pattern on a product.

I don’t have Illustrator or Photoshop CC. But I have Photoshop Elements and Corel Draw. That works more or less for me.  Nevertheless I’m very jealous (in a good way) of people who have one or both programs to work with….because I can’t achieve very neat and easy results. But I had fun to work on this project and working on the computer makes it much more easy then drawing everything by hand.

This are the two illustrations I started with.

I made four patterns with them.

I love to picnic so I choose picnic attributes. A picnic blanket, umbrella, a bag, plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and a thermos. (note the Dutch way of writing picnic…:-))

And as the cherry on the cake I made a mock up with a klomp (clog)

I would love to use my own designed products! And who knows what is in the future…

Have a great day and thank you for being here!


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Thirty days of Minimie

After the robins I wanted a new project. And of course it had to be Minimie! She needs attention. I started about eight days ago. #30dailyMinimies. You can follow Minimie on Instagram on daily base.

This is what happens to her in the first days:

Have a nice day!






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A challenge: thirty robins!

So many people do art challenges. I love to see them. And so I wanted a challenge for myself. But it had to be one that was fun and doable. I love robins, I see and hear them on a daily base when I walk with my dog. So I challenged myself to make 30 robins. The colors should match but that was easy because I used more or less the natural colors of a robin. And I want them in a square. I have to say these parameters arose during the making. Most challenges are 30 … in 30 days but I was afraid to put the pressure to hard so I decided to take as long as I need.

But I did 30 robins in 30 days, it was fun and I really enjoyed it! Also because my followers on Instagram and my friends on FaceBook where enthusiastic. And I love applause and support!

You can see an election robin which I made on election day in the Netherlands. I did two singing robins, I tried a Mondriaan robin. One is a photo I made last year, I edited the photo on Photoshop. You can find my thumb print, a garden robin and a embroidered robin. I have to confess I did that one with a marker on paper but is was so much fun to make the pattern for which I lent a photo from the internet. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I even sold this Robin to a woman whose name is Robin, isn’t that cool! I love that name for a woman.

And a very dear friend made a mug with the robins for me! I love it!

These are my favourite robins, do you have a favourite?

Thank you for being here and have a nice day!


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