Since I have Photoshop CC on my computer I learned a lot.

This week I made my first little animation. It is a bit clumsy but I like that.The birds are made in a class by Carla Sonheim. I posted the video in the facebook class group and someone said some sweet words: “Love the relationship and the marching forward to meet love”! I really like it when people fantasize little stories about what I make. Luckily birds don’t kiss each other.

Have a great day!

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My first illustrated book

Two years ago someone ask me to illustrate an education book for little children. It is about two women who love each other and live their live with pleasure and with difficulties.

I took my time. One illustration in a month. And I finished 10 illustrations. I was happy and she was happy.

But unfortunately it will not be published. I want to show them all in this blog to say goodbye to this project.

Luckily I’m working on a new project and I can do it much faster this time! I keep you informed!


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Sketching faces with a pencil

I wish you very creative 2018!


This pencil face sketch I made for the ‘Held captive’ class by Jeanne-Marie Webb. I drew several in a small sketchbook . This is the one I like the most.

I discovered that I can’t copy photos or use them as a reference. I fail… and I found it far more fun¬† to make them by my own fantasy. Or better said I love to let them arise. I don’t have a plan when I start, so I surprise myself.



Here I show you how that works for me. I draw the last face of the book. I use a stumper to smear the pencil and to make shadow.

I love faces but I disliked working with a pencil. I’m still not really excited about it but I had fun to make this book. You can imagine that all these people are relatives or friends and they all have their own stories and emotions. I hope you enjoy the book.

Thank you for visiting my blog!



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