Recycling an old painting

I started 18 years ago with painting on canvas. Most of these old paintings are not my taste anymore. Occasionally I repaint one. This one took some time. There were some ingredients that made it hard. I do not paint a lot the last months. I was not really inspired and not having much confidence in my skills anymore. Not a very good start. Painting on an old painting helps but I had expectations. I wanted it to be good. Also not a good ingredient for painting with joy and fun.

You can see the old painting and the result. I’m not sure I like the face but it feels finished. I love the unfinished look. If that make sense…

And I show you the process in this mini video. So you get an idea of my struggling. It helped a lot to make a onliner for the face. I used this photo.

In the stripes on the background I wrote this quote: Het doel van de kunst is niet het uiterlijk van dingen weer te geven, maar het innerlijk… dat is de echte werkelijkheid. Aristoteles. (Translated:The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.)

Here I show you how I made the pattern on her dress.

I hope this inspire you to use old material again. It is nice to start with a background. And good to reuse materials. Do it for the earth and everybody on it. A little tip, start with a lot of confidence, inspiration and without expectations. Your painting will be finished in no time!

Love, Herma Starreveld


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The 100 day project

Instagram is my favourite App at the moment. There are always fun projects going on. Now it is the #100dayproject. It started April 2 or 3, I’m not sure. Because I didn’t know all the details I started a day earlier. I did two 30 day projects in the past with success so I think I’m ready for a 100 day project. So far so good. I did 20 faces in procreate. It helps to work in advance.

Carla Sonheim had a wonderful lesson this week. Drawing a face from an old photo over scrap paper. So I made two of them. I bought the photos some time ago in France. I hope to make more of these because I really like the unpredictability of it.

On Instagram there was also a project #artvartist in which artists post a photo of themselves surrounded with there art. I highly recommend to check it. I love it, because you can see how art and artist are one. This is mine, I looked for work that looks like me or is me.

Have a great day! Love Herma











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