How your art can show you your inner world

This week I made houses in an excellent lesson by Carla Sonheim. They ought to be open like dollhouses. The chambers are open and you can see all there is in the house. I made twelve mini houses.

I had fun searching, cutting and pasting. Adding lines was very satisfying. I fell in love with the farm with haystack (fourth upper left) and was happy. While scanning them and editing them in Photoshop I realize that all the houses have doors and they are not open at all.

So my art tells me that at this moment I have difficulties with being open. I want a door that I can close. Interesting…and I do recognize that. I feel a bit vulnerable these days. Without these houses I wouldn’t think about myself like that. I wouldn’t be aware that I have to take care of myself.

The next fun part was to make a big dollhouse. I printed familyphotos that I wanted to use. And I paid extra attention to make it an open house. Both houses where not easy but it was fun to make and I added some of the family photo’s who fitted the best. I was happy with them when they were finished. Until I realized with a shock that in both houses which contains pieces of my actual house and therefore are my houses my mother appeared.

I don’t want my mother in my house. You can see a house as metaphor of who you are. I didn’t think about that while making it. So it surprised me. I know I have to do some work literally and figuratively. That is what my art tells me. I will probably paste a photo of me over my mother. And may be give my mother her own house. It will take some time.

That is so strong about art! It tells you things about yourself that you don’t notice if you don’t take the time for it. And the most wonderful thing is that I believe that you are the greatest expert yourself to see what your art is telling you! When you are not sure or you don’t see it you can ask someone you really trust to look with you. You will learn to be the expert.

For #marchmeetthemaker2019 I made an Instagram post and it was very satisfying to collage a closed house where I have my own spot while being creative.

Have fun making art!

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