What inspires you to make art?

Last year I joined the 100days project in 2018 with faces. I had really fun with it and I succeeded to make 100 faces. So this year I was a bit more ambitieus. I wanted to make 100 faces again but only of famous Dutch women. I wanted to paint them with watercolor. No digital faces. And I want to write a little biography of these women. You can find them on my instagram account

I was very excited and motivated when I started. Convinced that I could make a 100. Well by now I guess you know I failed… That make me think about my creating process. I love to start a new project, a new technique and I sometimes I make wild plans for series. But often I loss my interest halfway and find it hard to finish the project.

I know that of myself so I only start a project when I’m convinced that I want to finish it. And now I disappointed myself. I could make more of these faces. But my first rule of making art is that I really want to make it. Not for the result but for the joy of playing. And I know it shows when I don’t have fun while making it.

So that make me think what is the motivation to make art for me. One very important reason is being curious, what will happen if…. So the moment I know the technique or I know how my painting(s) will look, I have to motivate myself to finish it. When it is almost finished it is not too hard. But with these ladies, 79 to go…. you understand…

I guess that’s why I love to take lessons to discover new ways of making art. I want to surprise myself. I find that the greatest joy of making art. To start and not knowing what the end result will be. That is what happened with this painting/collage, I started making stains and now it is a kind of story.

Do you know what your motivation is for making art? I’m really curious about that. Please leave a comment. Thanks!

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