How to start a project?

Are you a doer, a feeler or a thinker and how can that knowledge help you as a maker when you start a project? Doing, thinking and feeling, we all do that during the creation process.  

But we are from nature a doer or a feeler or a thinker. We all have our own approach to start a work.  

A doer can’t wait to start. Listening to an explanation is hard. She has already the pencil or other tool in her hands to start.  She likes to start without a plan. Only a roughly idea what she wants to make. Problems are being solved during the process.  The outcome can be a surprise. Give her some materials and tools and she will make something. It is hard for her when she had to search for background information, reading how to do something, work according to a plan or when she has to practice before she can start her work. 

A thinker likes to delve into the topic. To read, to surf the Internet, to try out, to formulate a concept. Before she starts she needs time to think about what she need to know, how she will approach the process and what she wants from the end results. She doesn’t like to start without some preparation time because she needs a plan before starting. She looks at all possibilities before making a decision. And the danger is that she doesn’t start the work at all.

A feeler can only start when she feels what she wants. When she feels inspired by a landscape, a flower or a face.  She needs the right feeling before she can start. Only that will make her happy during creating.  It is hard for her to follow a class which is given by a doer or a thinker. Because they work completely different. She needs space and time to work and to be able to stay in contact with her feeling. Working in a group can be challenging. Or making something that doesn’t feel right, that she doesn’t like.

It is confusing because we all do, think and feel during the making process.  But it can be handy to know what the best start is for you. And to know why you struggle when you are forced to work in another way.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions? 

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Ps: in this video you can see me as a doer struggle with a concept (thinker) to make a illustration for this blog.

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