To be or not to be, what do you want?

This week I discovered what this famous sentence by Shakespeare means for me. Special ‘not to be’. Why go with the flow is good for me and maybe also for you. And why setting goals doesn’t work for me and maybe also for you.

I heard it so often. You need to be in the moment. You need to go with the flow. But it were just words to me. I can see and feel the truth in it. But didn’t know how to practice it.

That is because I also hear: you have to set goals. You have to know where you are in one year, or in five years. That is what (business) coaches teach us. And I hope that works for a lot of people but I discovered that it doesn’t work for me.

It confuses me. It assumes that you can plan your life, that you can force what you want. And it also assumes that you know what you want and that you know what is good for you.

Well, my experience is that life isn’t predictable. Plans can be cancelled. I don’t know what is good for me. I made a lot of mistakes in that. And how can I know what I want over a year or over five years?

I only know what feels good for me now, today, this hour. Setting goals gives me stress, it makes me feel I have to do a lot instead of feeling the freedom to do want I want. What I want can be different every day. So I can’t make plans for next week because I don’t know if that is what I want next week. Making plans makes that I can’t feel or see what is in the moment, I can’t hear the whispers (my feelings) that tell me what to do. I lose contact with my intuition. Making plans makes me feel anxious about my abilities to achieve them.

Thinking about the future makes me feel as if today is not okay. As if I’m not okay. I have to be better, richer, more successful and so on.

All situations that I can call ‘not to be’.

I want to enjoy life now. I had my birthday last week. It is a good moment to let go all the expectations for the future and to do what I feel in the moment. And being curious about what it will bring me. I practiced it the last days and I feel amazing. I get more energy because I do whatever feels good to do. And yes vacuuming is part of that …

While writing this I realize that is how I make art. I don’t like to plan because it is boring and predictable. And it raise expectations that often fail. I love to surprise myself when I make art.

What I also love is to inspire people, specially creative people. Because when you create you are in the moment and you go with the flow…. You are = ‘to be’. And that feels amazing!

All the art on this page is made without a plan how it should look and without wanting it to be perfect. Just for having a good time.

Enjoy! Herma

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