My first illustrated book

Two years ago someone ask me to illustrate an education book for little children. It is about two women who love each other and live their live with pleasure and with difficulties.

I took my time. One illustration in a month. And I finished 10 illustrations. I was happy and she was happy.

But unfortunately it will not be published. I want to show them all in this blog to say goodbye to this project.

Luckily I’m working on a new project and I can do it much faster this time! I keep you informed!


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Thirty days of Minimie 2

I finally finished my 30-daily Minimies. You can read about the start in this post.

I didn’t manage to do every day an illustration. It was much harder than the Robins. I don’t know why. So I made the last ones only when I was inspired. I really like this one I made after a visit at the Talens Experience in Apeldoorn. I was there on a day about Fiep Westendorp. I red two books about her work and noticed that there were some similarities in her work and my Minimie. (I don’t want to compare myself with her!) So I tried to make a Minimie in Fieps style with her dog Knor.

And I like Minimie dressed up as Pippi Longstocking. I love Pippi!

And this are all the 30 Mimimies. You can also find them on Instagram where you can see them better. What shall I do with them?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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Thirty days of Minimie

After the robins I wanted a new project. And of course it had to be Minimie! She needs attention. I started about eight days ago. #30dailyMinimies. You can follow Minimie on Instagram on daily base.

This is what happens to her in the first days:

Have a nice day!


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A challenge: thirty robins!

So many people do art challenges. I love to see them. And so I wanted a challenge for myself. But it had to be one that was fun and doable. I love robins, I see and hear them on a daily base when I walk with my dog. So I challenged myself to make 30 robins. The colors should match but that was easy because I used more or less the natural colors of a robin. And I want them in a square. I have to say these parameters arose during the making. Most challenges are 30 … in 30 days but I was afraid to put the pressure to hard so I decided to take as long as I need.

But I did 30 robins in 30 days, it was fun and I really enjoyed it! Also because my followers on Instagram and my friends on FaceBook where enthusiastic. And I love applause and support!

You can see an election robin which I made on election day in the Netherlands. I did two singing robins, I tried a Mondriaan robin. One is a photo I made last year, I edited the photo on Photoshop. You can find my thumb print, a garden robin and a embroidered robin. I have to confess I did that one with a marker on paper but is was so much fun to make the pattern for which I lent a photo from the internet. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I even sold this Robin to a woman whose name is Robin, isn’t that cool! I love that name for a woman.

And a very dear friend made a mug with the robins for me! I love it!

These are my favourite robins, do you have a favourite?

Thank you for being here and have a nice day!


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Alice Neel

For the art club ‘Twee Taartjes’ I made a painting of Alice Neel. I saw a documentary about her life and it was not an easy life. Despite everything that happens in her life she kept on painting in her own way. I admire her for that.

Her oldest daughter died very young and I can imagine that this sad episode was always in her mind the rest of her life. So I wanted to take that as the subject for the painting. And I used this photo as a reference. It is Alice with her oldest daughter. Later in her life she had three more children.

The result:

I made a video from the process of the making. You can see how I wrestle with the composition and with making a realistic painting. The moment I decided to do it on my own way I had fun was able to finish the painting.

Thank you for watching and have a nice day!


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Christmas illustrations

Last weeks I made a lot of Christmas illustrations.







































































Happy holidays! Fijne dagen!






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Gratis Sinterklaas cadeaulabels = free Sinterklaas gift labels

Omdat ik alleen cadeautjes geef Sinterklaas heb ik, naast de kerst labels, ook Sint labels gemaakt. Voor mezelf maar ook voor jou!

Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen vind ik een leuk liedje, maar ik hou er nog meer van om het echt ‘s avonds naar de maan door de kale boomtakken te kijken. Voor mij hoort dat bij de Sinterklaas tijd.


Je kan  ze hier downloaden.  sint-cadeau-kaartjes (593 downloads)

Print ze op 200 gr wit papier, knip ze uit, een gaatje erin en een leuk touwtje of lintje en je hebt heel originele cadeau labels.

Because I only give presents on the 5th december with Sinterklaas, I also made free downloadable gift labels for that celebration. I love the song: See the moon is shining through the tree’s. And I love watching the moon at night through the tree branches.

Hope you like them and I wish you a great Sinterklaas this year!                                           Veel plezier met Sinterklaas!


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Free downloadable Christmas gift tags!

For the first time in my live I made Christmas gift tags. We don’t give presents at Christmas, we give them at Sinterklaas. (5th december)

In the last illustration lesson (illustration studio Claudi & Valesca) the assignment was to make Christmas gift tags en make a PDF so you can give them away. I love that idea! So I hope you give presents at Christmas and I hope I can make you happy with these free tags.


You can download them here. And print them on 200 gr/m2 white paper. You only need a scissors or a cutting machine to cut them. And off course a fancy string to finish it off nicely.

Thanks to Valesca van Waveren who designed the template of the tags. I changed them a bit but is was so great to know what to do!

For the creative and curious, this is what I did. I started with little pieces of leftovers (from the moth stamp) to make nine little christmas tree stamps. I glued the stamps on cupboard, made prints. They needed a bit of something and I draw trees over the stamps with a marker.

I made four ‘analoge’ tags too, you can see them on my instagram account together with other interesting stuff.

You know me, I couldn’t stop. So I made a pattern in three colors with Photoshop. You can order them as fabric or paper at Motiflow.

Have a nice day!  Herma

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New illustration lessons

I learn so much at illustration studio Claudi & Valesca! I don’t have time to post…

A quick show of the last assignment. Forest was the main subject. I choose for Tom Thumb (=klein Duimpje). I made three illustrations (the assignment was one) to show the progress in the story. I hope you know the story…This is the end: He and his family lived happily ever after.

tom tumb illustration

tom tumb illustration

tom tumb illustration


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Illustrating poems

I have so much fun with illustrating poems. It is a lot easier than illustrating a story because you don’t have to make different drawings with the same characters. You can concentrate on one illustration.

It started with the haiku’s of my son. I illustrated 26 haiku’s. Of course all these illustrations have the same style. I hope it will be a little book one day. You can see two examples here.


I bought a book this summer: één gedicht is nooit genoeg. (one poem is not enough) It is a book made by plint (poezie en beeldende kunst). I read so now and then some poems and I enjoy the illustrations a lot! That inspired me to take another book out of the bookcase. Verzamelde liedjes van gedichten van Willem Wilmink. He was a Dutch poet. I really like his poems. Simple and moving.


I took random a poem: Boterhammen smeren (= making sandwiches) and I illustrated it. Real fun. Did it in one morning. Finding the right font was the most difficult part.

boterhammen smeren

And I did it again, same procedure but it took some more time. This poem is called twee vriendinnen (= two friends).

gedicht twee vriendinnen met tekst

I’m sorry for the English readers, I can’t translate the poems. But I hope you enjoy the illustrations.

Have fun,

Liefs Herma

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