I treated myself to an Ipad Pro and an Ipad pencil. Just before my holidays. So in France I learned a lot about Procreate. A perfect app for illustrating. I took lessons on Skillshare.

Here you can see some of my work and the progress I made. I hope I made progress…

For the first attempt to make a digital painting I used a photograph of the view from our hotel window in Etretat.

I played with some familiar subjects for me, letters and girls.


A calendar with a robin…and a mandala made with amaziograph.

I worked on scanned photo’s. That was fun!

And I used photo’s to illustrate this car and girl with the parasol. With procreate you can trace the photo and transform the subject in an other layer!

I worked on a spot made by an acrylic pallet and stamped on a paper. I scanned the spot and this busy lady disappeared.

Then I made monsters, a Skillshare lesson by NIc Squirrell. I was addicted…so much fun to do!

And the last thing I made was a seamless pattern. But I needed photoshop to finish it.







I posted the pattern on Redbubble and on Society6. I’m not yet familiar with these sites so my shops are very minimal. But it is fun to see your design on products!

Thank you for reading and watching and for being here!



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Thirty days of Minimie 2

I finally finished my 30-daily Minimies. You can read about the start in this post.

I didn’t manage to do every day an illustration. It was much harder than the Robins. I don’t know why. So I made the last ones only when I was inspired. I really like this one I made after a visit at the Talens Experience in Apeldoorn. I was there on a day about Fiep Westendorp. I red two books about her work and noticed that there were some similarities in her work and my Minimie. (I don’t want to compare myself with her!) So I tried to make a Minimie in Fieps style with her dog Knor.

And I like Minimie dressed up as Pippi Longstocking. I love Pippi!

And this are all the 30 Mimimies. You can also find them on Instagram where you can see them better. What shall I do with them?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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From illustration to pattern to products.

I always like to make something useful. So combining illustrations and products is like a dream for me. I did a Skillshare lesson to learn to use a pattern on a product.

I don’t have Illustrator or Photoshop CC. But I have Photoshop Elements and Corel Draw. That works more or less for me.  Nevertheless I’m very jealous (in a good way) of people who have one or both programs to work with….because I can’t achieve very neat and easy results. But I had fun to work on this project and working on the computer makes it much more easy then drawing everything by hand.

This are the two illustrations I started with.

I made four patterns with them.

I love to picnic so I choose picnic attributes. A picnic blanket, umbrella, a bag, plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and a thermos. (note the Dutch way of writing picnic…:-))

And as the cherry on the cake I made a mock up with a klomp (clog)

I would love to use my own designed products! And who knows what is in the future…

Have a great day and thank you for being here!


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Thirty days of Minimie

After the robins I wanted a new project. And of course it had to be Minimie! She needs attention. I started about eight days ago. #30dailyMinimies. You can follow Minimie on Instagram on daily base.

This is what happens to her in the first days:

Have a nice day!






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A challenge: thirty robins!

So many people do art challenges. I love to see them. And so I wanted a challenge for myself. But it had to be one that was fun and doable. I love robins, I see and hear them on a daily base when I walk with my dog. So I challenged myself to make 30 robins. The colors should match but that was easy because I used more or less the natural colors of a robin. And I want them in a square. I have to say these parameters arose during the making. Most challenges are 30 … in 30 days but I was afraid to put the pressure to hard so I decided to take as long as I need.

But I did 30 robins in 30 days, it was fun and I really enjoyed it! Also because my followers on Instagram and my friends on FaceBook where enthusiastic. And I love applause and support!

You can see an election robin which I made on election day in the Netherlands. I did two singing robins, I tried a Mondriaan robin. One is a photo I made last year, I edited the photo on Photoshop. You can find my thumb print, a garden robin and a embroidered robin. I have to confess I did that one with a marker on paper but is was so much fun to make the pattern for which I lent a photo from the internet. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I even sold this Robin to a woman whose name is Robin, isn’t that cool! I love that name for a woman.

And a very dear friend made a mug with the robins for me! I love it!

These are my favourite robins, do you have a favourite?

Thank you for being here and have a nice day!


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Alice Neel

For the art club ‘Twee Taartjes’ I made a painting of Alice Neel. I saw a documentary about her life and it was not an easy life. Despite everything that happens in her life she kept on painting in her own way. I admire her for that.

Her oldest daughter died very young and I can imagine that this sad episode was always in her mind the rest of her life. So I wanted to take that as the subject for the painting. And I used this photo as a reference. It is Alice with her oldest daughter. Later in her life she had three more children.

The result:

I made a video from the process of the making. You can see how I wrestle with the composition and with making a realistic painting. The moment I decided to do it on my own way I had fun was able to finish the painting.

Thank you for watching and have a nice day!


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Makeover website studio

This week I worked hard on this website to make it ‘up to date’.

I changed the black outlook into white and I made some other changes. I really hope you like it.

I made a funny GIF file and decided not to place it but I must show it to you:

Thank you for being here and to celebrate the makeover I made a new free downloadable gift tag.

Liefs Herma

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A painting with a past life

A not so good painting from the past got a makeover. I painted these chickens years ago. Obvious not a painting to preserve.

I collaged and painted over it to make a new start and I tried to make a colored ‘least wanted’ portrait but it was a very bad try. (I showed some ‘least wanted’ portraits in this post but I noticed I didn’t make a post about them. So I will in the near future…)

This week I over painted it with a girl inspired by Amadeo Modigliani. A relief…

I wanted to show the ‘making of’ but I forgot to photograph all the changes but nevertheless I can show you three steps.

Have a nice weekend! Herma

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Mythical creatures

In my last post I show you the mess I made with ink and bubble blower. And in a december post last year I told you about the book Once upon a paper by Andrea D’Aquino.

Today they meet in mythical creatures. They have a message for you and me.


Slow down







I hear you








It is your time!







Have a nice day!


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Experimental mess

I had an idea, inspired by an photo in a magazine. These beautiful vases are designed by Thomas van der Sman en Adrianus Kundert. I want to make a pattern like that for

But I didn’t know how to do it. So I tried. I made bubble blower of a very good quality. And mixed it with black ink. It was very hard. Everything turned black, especially my hands and nails…I really made a mess. But I also laughed a lot about my clumsiness.

I managed to make some prints.

I scanned and edited them.

This is my first pattern, I don’t like it at all.

So I tried something different (a technical drawing of the pattern on the computer) and I like this a bit better but it is totally different than the original inspiration. I’m not sure if this was a great experiment…

Enough for today. Great admiration for the designers of the beautiful vases!

Liefs Herma



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