Simple thoughts about art 2

I visited museum de Fundatie in Zwolle. Very special on the outside and also on the inside.

IMG_1032To create more space they build a kind of egg on the top of an old building. I love it!







This is the view from the inside to the outside. Also very beautiful!






But that is not where I want to talk about. There was an exhibition by Rob Scholte. He collected old embroidery, bought that for next to nothing and put a frame around it with the back side on the front and put his name on it. Now he sold it for a lot of money (I heard). And the museum showed it to us…


IMG_1027All the embroidery was nicely sorted by subject. That look very interesting because of the similarities and the differences.






But when I walked there I constantly thought I’m fooled. This can not be serious. Is that what people thought when they saw expressionisme for the first time? Or the urinal by Marcel Duchamp? Is it brilliant art? Is it a new trend? I really don’t know. I’m confused.

For now I think it is ridiculous. I’m sorry Rob Scholte…I’m sorry de Fundatie.

I’m curious about your thoughts on this!

Liefs Herma

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Surprise…I’m teaching!

I surprised myself. A couple of months ago I decided that I want to concentrate on painting and illustrating.  For years I wanted to teach but I realized that I didn’t do anything to teach. Only in my head. So no teaching….

I’m a member of Skillshare and I really like this creative community. You can always find a nice lesson and I learned a lot. I made my logo in a lesson.

A few weeks ago there was an email from Skilshare. They liked my projects and asked me to join a teachers challenge in may. I had to publish a lesson before June 1. I was exited and anxious at the same time. I talked it over with friends and family. And I again decided not to do it. (Not the right time)

But they send a mail with an invitation to follow the lessons and then with other deadlines. Every time I got exited and before I knew I was following the class. First just for fun but in the end I really did make a lesson! And after one day I already have 17 students!

Crazy world the internet. I never met them but they are following my class. (I do hope so…)

Is this an example of let go something before it comes to you?

titel pagina les 2

If you are a member of Skillshare you can follow my lesson here.

If you are interested in becoming a member I can offer you a membership for three months for $0,99. You can become a member with this link.
Normal membership is $9,99 a month.
ATTENTION: You have to sign out your self! But may be you like it as much as I. 🙂

gezicht 1129 gezicht 2128

In the lesson I show you how to draw and paint your own character. I made these two faces. You draw with a marker, paint with watercolor and make interesting hair with gesso.

I would love to see you there!

Liefs Herma


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Simple thoughts about art 1


I’m thinking about art.

What is art? I think there are three components.

There is a creator (or more creators). There is the work and you have a public.

The more the public likes the work the more important the creator(s) become.

But what if there is one creator, one work an one person public who likes the work very much ?

Can you call the work art?

Does it matter why the public likes the work?

And can you call work art if nobody likes it?

I’m not sure…

Yesterday I send two works to an art contest for the television. I have no idea if I send art to the contest.

What is art?


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Why making series? II

I hope you want to hear why I start this series.

portraits above the piano

It started with a lesson by Carla Sonheim in The year of the Spark. We learned a fabulous technique with gesso and watercolor.


I used that technique for a portrait of a girl from the newspaper.

foto voor oneliner010meisje012

And I made a self portrait.


That was the beginning of the idea to make more portraits based on family pictures. (only as a reverence) I also had a lot of old frames at my attic and I want to use them for the portraits. I made two last year and then I lost focus. Now in the lessons by Carla Sonheim Y is for Yellow we learn to make a series. The perfect time for me to finish this series. I used all the old frames, painted them black. That is the practical story.

The romantic story is that I made a new family. You can look at a face(s) and imagine if it is your mother, your aunt or your granddad. What is it for person? And how do they all relate? I hope everybody who looks at these imaginary people find there own story.

Here are the last 4 portraits:

Albert en oude tante en overgroot opa en Vonne en Jelte



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Why making series?

I started this series a year ago…. finely I finished it! Such a good feeling!

portraits above the piano

I start series all the time. Mostly in my head. No damage there. But as I really started a series of work I lose interest after 2 to 4 pieces. I know the process and more or less the outcome so why bother to do more…

All these incomplete series are a burden for me. I know that there is something, in my studio or on the attic waiting for me. I really wanted to finish these series but I lost interest. That cost a lot of energy. So there is damage. I hope to finish all the all ready started projects this year. (or next year)

And I’m more motivated now because I experienced how fantastic it is to see more than four pieces!

portrait portrait portrait portrait portrait portrait

I read somewhere that you have to create a lot off the same work to let the public understand what they see. They don’t understand a piece of this and some pieces of that and than again something completely different. To be honest, I don’t understand myself in why and what I create.

So I’m sooo pleased with these portraits. Creating them wasn’t boring, it was interesting. They hang above my piano in the living room so I can see I can do it!

I hope to learn more about myself and my art work by finishing the other series. I let you know!

And I hope to tell you later more about why I made these portraits.

Liefs Herma

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Inspiration box and focus

It is all about focus when you want to make a series. I learned that from Carla Sonheim. And about discipline. I experienced that this week.

Focus on some parameters to work with. Working with the same parameters on every drawing or painting will glue them together. So you create a series.

Pretty simple….

But so opposite of what I did the last years.

When I started painting I made series of four or five paintings! But the last years I followed a lot of lessons and I went everywhere with my creativity. Fun to do, but I lost focus. You can see that in my posts. They are about a lot of different things. I’m not sure why I lost my focus on series. Probably because I focus on learning new things. There is not much time left for making series or a body of work.

Time to get my focus back! (That is why I signed up for this year course (Y is for Yellow by Carla Sonheim)

So I ‘invented’ the inspiration box! I ‘m sure more people invented something like this but I like to think about it as my idea.








I wrote all the materials and subjects I like on small papers, folded them and put them in a box. For example I wrote words like acrylic paint, tracing paper, thick brush and girls head.



This is how it works: I get three papers out the box. These are the parameters I use to make a lot of drawings or paintings. I allow myself to use two or three materials with the three from the paper. When you want to do this yourself, don’t forget to make a list of what you wrote down on the little papers! So you can check which words are in the box.




This four owls are the first results. I had the words owl, sandpaper and a dip pen on my small papers. And I choose to combine it with gesso and watercolor.

It is a small series and it gave me focus on what to make. (I forgot how I love the results of ink on wet paper! (the second owl)

But… I didn’t have the discipline to go on with it. I guess I would discover more fun techniques or ideas if I did and make ten ore more. I have to work on discipline!

4 owls

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Creative process

This year I participate in Y is for Yellow by Carla Sonheim. The most inspirational teacher I know. I want to show you the creative process of photo to illustration.

For the lesson we made left handed drawings and blind drawings from animals. I used a picture of a cow I made years ago. I watched her and draw her back a few times.

boerderij dieren, koe

Then I draw her with my non- dominant hand and after that with my eyes closed. (All instructions by Carla) This is the blind drawing.

koe, blind

I really liked the form of this cow. The neck does not close properly, but you can imagine that the line is a leg.

So I cut this form out a paper which I used under a project for rusting. Left over paper.

I made a journal page which I posted in the the Facebook group.

teken sessie II koe033

Someone in the group suggested to let Minimie ride on the cow and this is the result. I printed the cow on a paper I found. There were all ready ink splashes on it. 

It was a short experiment, she is definitely not a cowgirl!
It was a short experiment, she is definitely not a cowgirl!

It is such a good feeling being in the flow and feeling that everything around you helps you to make something beautiful.

met hoed041


Today (17-1-16) I discovered that she need a cowgirls hat.

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