From illustration to pattern to products.

I always like to make something useful. So combining illustrations and products is like a dream for me. I did a Skillshare lesson to learn to use a pattern on a product.

I don’t have Illustrator or Photoshop CC. But I have Photoshop Elements and Corel Draw. That works more or less for me.  Nevertheless I’m very jealous (in a good way) of people who have one or both programs to work with….because I can’t achieve very neat and easy results. But I had fun to work on this project and working on the computer makes it much more easy then drawing everything by hand.

This are the two illustrations I started with.

I made four patterns with them.

I love to picnic so I choose picnic attributes. A picnic blanket, umbrella, a bag, plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and a thermos. (note the Dutch way of writing picnic…:-))

And as the cherry on the cake I made a mock up with a klomp (clog)

I would love to use my own designed products! And who knows what is in the future…

Have a great day and thank you for being here!


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