Illustration of Boris, our dog

Photoshop CC isn’t a easy program to work with for me. But I’m learning. This time a lesson by Anne Bollman. (Illustration in Photoshop: Professional Work From Your Sketches) On Skillshare.

The subject is Boris. He past away a month ago and I miss him. So this was a good opportunity ‘to be with him’…

I struggled a lot with Photoshop. It does sometimes weird things and I know it is me that does the wrong things but when you don’t understand what you did wrong you think it is the computer or the program. Don’t you? I do!

I started with photo’s and made a sketch in photoshop. But I got so frustrated that I cheated and continued on my Ipad with procreate.

I found out that I made a too complicated illustration. I tried it again with alone his head,  in Photoshop. Made the sketch on paper with a marker instead of on the computer with the mouse. You see the various steps and the final result. As a good portraitist I made him a bit younger and more handsome.

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