Sketching faces with a pencil

I wish you very creative 2018!


This pencil face sketch I made for the ‘Held captive’ class by Jeanne-Marie Webb. I drew several in a small sketchbook . This is the one I like the most.

I discovered that I can’t copy photos or use them as a reference. I fail… and I found it far more funĀ  to make them by my own fantasy. Or better said I love to let them arise. I don’t have a plan when I start, so I surprise myself.



Here I show you how that works for me. I draw the last face of the book. I use a stumper to smear the pencil and to make shadow.

I love faces but I disliked working with a pencil. I’m still not really excited about it but I had fun to make this book. You can imagine that all these people are relatives or friends and they all have their own stories and emotions. I hope you enjoy the book.

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6 thoughts on “Sketching faces with a pencil

    • Thank you Kathrin! It really makes me happy if people are inspired by what I do. We all inspire each other and in the meanwhile we make the world a bit more beautiful! Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you for sharing Herma. I’m looking for inspiration every day for new art forms to play with. I love making faces. I’m definitely going to try this again. I haven’t worked with pencil for awhile but I bought a new package just before Christmas. Can’t wait to open them. Carol

    • Hi Carol, thank you for your response! Faces are so satisfying to draw and paint. Hope you have fun with your new pencils! The new year is a perfect time to start something new! Herma

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