Drawing emotions

These faces are about emotions, as all of my work is. I’m really interested in emotions.

And how to draw them. But I find it difficult to draw an emotion on purpose. So I try to draw an interesting face. That is not difficult for me, I just exaggerate proportions and draw not perfect. That gives unique faces and expressions. And it also makes me curious about what is going to happens next. I love to work without a plan and surprise myself.

It is my intention to give the viewer a recognition, a
smile or some other feeling. Because that makes art interesting.

I used Procreate on my IPad for these drawings, it is my most favorite digital drawing app. I cut out interesting vintage glasses and drew a face around them.

I’m not sure why I used a red cross. Just like it.

On FaceBook I asked what emotions people see in these faces and I love the answers. I want to share them.

Unhappy, tiredness, grumpy 2x, negativism- displeasure, …, listening to the news of number 3 and grimacing, disbelief, I had it!, embarrassed and sadness.

Hmmmmm, I’m thinking about something, surprised, bored, Scepticism – wonder – indifference, maybe.., listening to the news of number 3 and grimacing, doubtful, mischief, mmm, I’ll think about it, thinking and concern.

Happy/satisfied, again?, unsure, A shy happiness – mild amusement, appears to be enjoying a smug smile at her FB feed, in agreement but a bit dissatisfied, more difficult and confusing because of the masks (corona), ya right, I still have it, upset and happiness.

Surprised at what she is seeing, I heard this before…, inquisitive, Surprise, slight anxiety, determination of some sort…, listening to the news of number 3 and grimacing, catching some kids being naughty, more difficult and confusing because of the masks (corona),that’s it! Yup I’ve seen this before, surprised and curiosity.

I made more faces, what emotions do you see?

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