I treated myself to an Ipad Pro and an Ipad pencil. Just before my holidays. So in France I learned a lot about Procreate. A perfect app for illustrating. I took lessons on Skillshare.

Here you can see some of my work and the progress I made. I hope I made progress…

For the first attempt to make a digital painting I used a photograph of the view from our hotel window in Etretat.

I played with some familiar subjects for me, letters and girls.


A calendar with a robin…and a mandala made with amaziograph.

I worked on scanned photo’s. That was fun!

And I used photo’s to illustrate this car and girl with the parasol. With procreate you can trace the photo and transform the subject in an other layer!

I worked on a spot made by an acrylic pallet and stamped on a paper. I scanned the spot and this busy lady disappeared.

Then I made monsters, a Skillshare lesson by NIc Squirrell. I was addicted…so much fun to do!

And the last thing I made was a seamless pattern. But I needed photoshop to finish it.







I posted the pattern on Redbubble and on Society6. I’m not yet familiar with these sites so my shops are very minimal. But it is fun to see your design on products!

Thank you for reading and watching and for being here!



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