The creating process of a painting

This painting had a formal live as a painting of a sailboat. I desperately need space on my attic so I paint over paintings I don’t like anymore. I was sure I wanted to paint Frida Kahlo. I don’t know what it is. I never succeed to make a painting of her I like. You can see that part in the little video I made of the painting process.

It was a very hard process to make this painting. I started in August 2018 with it and I finished it yesterday, April 2019. All that time it was in my studio looking ugly.  All that time I thought I couldn’t paint anymore. I’m still not sure I can make a new painting. I have the feeling I start as a complete beginner when I start a new painting and I have to learn everything all over again. Do you recognize that? 

I had several inspiring moments. The first when I found this photo of my grandmother. I immediately was inspired to paint her instead of Frida. But then the painting was still ugly. I was afraid to paint the face. And I stopped again…

The last collage lesson by Carla Sonheim inspired me to make the shirt and background collages.

And the final inspiration came when I saw an illustration by Terry Runyan on Instagram.
That was what made me finish the painting!

I gave it my own spin and finally I had fun painting which is so important when you create! I let go every plan I had and focused on making a good painting. And I made a mess on my side table which is always good.

Now that the painting is finished it is surprisingly an important painting for me with a personal message. I won’t tell because I like that you look at it in your own way. If you can after reading this…

I show you the whole process in this little video.

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