Hi dear readers,

I’m so happy with my class. I have already 40 students. I had never expected that. People are enthusiastic.

I wanted to do something relaxing after all the excitement and I found a Carla Sonheim technique that I love. Blob animals. But I saw three times a figure instead of an animal.

blolb's 2 blolb's 3 blolb's 4 blolb's blolb's 5

This three blobs I didn’t scan before.

blolb's 3x

Veel liefs, Herma



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4 thoughts on “Blobs

  1. Herma, what an excitement!!! So many people jumped in. That is a good start. And your blobimals are lovely as well. Enjoy your success.

  2. I’m so thrilled to read all this, Herma! You would be the most gorgeous teacher, i just know it. And I adore this current round of images. Your palette and quirky perspective always makes my heart sing! xo

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