A lot is going on…

Hi dear reader,

I didn’t blog much lately because there is a lot happening in my life. I needed time processing and I was busy.

I almost finished the illustrations for a children book written by Marjolijn van der Bruggen. It is about a little bird in Amsterdam. The perfect topic for me. It is a very sweet story about perseverance and making your wishes come true. You will hear more soon!

You can see my studio table while I work on the last changes and adjustments. As you can see I’m not a very neat worker. I like a bit of chaos on my table. It inspires me.

That said I have to admit that is was a bit to much chaos in my studio and I completely rearranged my furniture and all my creative stuff to make a better workspace. I even bought a new closet!

I feels like a new beginning and it is a new beginning because I stopped my regression therapy practice in October 2017 to focus 100% on my studio. It worked well out till now.




On Thursday 22 March I will give the second workshop Botanic style illustration in the beautiful space of the popup hand picked by Anna & Renée shop combined with the Break out lunch cafe. And it is sold out! So we plan a new one in April. If you are interested you can find the info soon on facebook or on this website. Here you can see the first workshop which was a success.



And Anoushka van Velzen did a great job with making new portrait photos of me. I added some fun to this one.

So now you are updated of what is happening here in the studio. See you next time and thank you for being here!


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4 thoughts on “A lot is going on…

  1. You seem to work like I do. Mess, messier, the messiest and then it’s time to clean-up. Organize and more organizing until you can breathe again and then start all over. Congratulations on your book. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. Your studio space looks something like mine, right down to the book self with all the drawers but mine is a bit smaller. You obviously have a larger space.

    • O, yes Carol you describe the process perfectly! And I have a big working space with lots of possibilities to collect stuff.
      It is still in an early phase the book. After the illustrating the writer has to publish the book. I’m very excited about it, can’t wait…
      Nice to hear from you! Thanks,

    • Thank you Jaime! It is exciting! Don’t dream about the book, do it! Write and illustrate! You can do it! Herma

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